Mission Statement

Momentum Training Solutions is a Back to Work Training business that strives to be the best in assisting their clients to achieve the outcomes they want. Through consistent integrity and professionalism, Momentum Training Solutions delivers outstanding training services.


About us

Momentum Training Solutions was founded in 2006 specialising in Back to Work Training Programs. The business covers Northern NSW and the South East QLD regions.

Momentum has a strong focus of why we do what we do, and it's about creating shifts, taking consistent inspired action and getting outcomes for our clients.

Since 2006 Momentum Training Solutions has consistently demonstrated a cultural fit and proven track record as one of the most highly sought after Back to Work training programs available.

We are  NLP (Neuro Linguistic  Programming) trained  and  understand that  behavioural  change work  is  based  on  how  we  communicate  with  ourselves and  others.   

We  also  use  HBDI   (Herrmann  Brain  Dominance Instrument)  and  Whole  Brain  Technology.   So by  understanding our own personal thinking preferences it enables us to  adapt  our  thinking, decision making and communication style  to any given situation.  It explains why  it  is  easier to  communicate with some  people  then  it  is  with others. 

To achieve success, you need  to take inspired consistent action.  

Momentum Training  Solutions takes you from where  you  are now to where you  want to  be. It's  about  focus, action, results. 

In other words, Momentum Training Solutions are all about shifting your clients beyond their old limitations and achieving results faster.



               "People who succeed have momentum. 

  The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed".







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