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As the Health and Safety Manager representing RMS at the Harwood Bridge project I would highly recommend Abby to be part of the strategic development of any business or project to ensure partnerships and teams are built on solid relationships.

Abby Stevens played a major role in getting our project back on track.  Abby used her skills to identify the humility in ourselves as people and as leaders paving the way for the creation of a new approach in communication and collaboration that has laid the foundation for our now widely recognised and awarded successful portion of the wider W2B Programme. People are the solution, not the problem!

Trevor Keran

WHS Manager, Laing O’Rourke

As the manager of Information Technology and Records Management professionals, it was my pleasure to engage Abby to workshop a new Team Charter that helped bring individuals facing change into a performing team.

Abby first sought to be fully briefed and then came prepared for the facilitation task at hand.  Abby delivered a day of intense but enjoyable re-envisioning of what we all stood for as a team, crystallising the values that mattered to us most.  For me, it was essential to find an approachable facilitator able to navigate the needs of diverse staff finding a shared understanding and appreciation of what we stood for, in this Abby succeeded.  I enjoy the benefit of working with a great IT team who continue to smash their goals left, right and centre.  Excellent communication and shared values are critical to this; sometimes we need a hand to get there, so thank you, Abby.

Philip Pountney

Manager Business Systems and Technology, Byron Shire Council

Since engaging Abby and Tony the culture across our project has greatly improved. This is a joint venture project between a New Zealand and Spanish company which both have very different management styles. Abby facilitated sessions on how best to communicate with one another across all departments starting with our senior leadership team which assisted us in getting ‘on the same page’ and working towards a common goal of completing the project by 2019 as safely as possible. With over 500 employees on this $700 million project, Abby insight and ability to gain rapport with our workforce has been invaluable to create a best for project approach.

Alan Orange

Former Project Director, Fletcher/Acciona P2Wk

Since Abby has joined us at AWTG she has brought a very different dynamic to our Safety Management and Leadership Training. Abby has an excellent communication style and is able to engage any group from the President and CEO of the company to the workers on the ground. Abby assists my clients to make positive changes by focusing on their company values and beliefs for more effective team work, communication and increased growth.

Tony Vervest

Managing Director, Australian Workplace Training Group P/L